The event will usually consist of 4 runs or more depending on the course length, weather, and number of drivers. We may offer fun runs (registered drivers only) at the end of the event. If it is really hot or wet or late we may not. We do not do fun runs when it is not fun! If it is going to be really hot we will provide cold water. You will have to bring food or go out when/if you have time. Get it while you can. Do not miss your work time! We do not stop the event for lunch. We do stop the event for lightning!


We split the cars up into several heats. All cars will run all of their runs during that heat. All drivers are required to work chasing cones one heat or may be assigned other work such as timing or course setup. No work, no times posted online and no credit for that event. Don’t work more than one event may result in your permanent disqualification. Working the course picking up cones is one of the best ways meet other drivers and see how to drive better! You must work standing up while the course is hot (cars are running competitively) so you can run at a moments notice. You may not play on your cell phone or take videos while working.


If anyone wants to take videos on course we may allow it and assign a worker to accompany them to keep them safe. It is difficult to see a car coming from behind you while you are staring through a viewfinder.


One of the challenging aspects of Autocross is the no practice lap rule. You can walk the course as much as you want until the mandatory drivers meeting starts, but every lap is timed. Your fastest lap is your time for the day. Part of the fun is talking with your friends and competitors over strategy to best tackle the course. Every event is a new unique course!


Cars are grouped together by SCCA by their potential. Each group competes for points. Highest point total at the end of the season in each group wins trophies and bragging rights! There are groups for almost any car. Some tall cars and SUVs are not allowed by SCCA due to their potential to roll over. See rules link for SCCA rules and car classification.


Safety is the number one rule. Fun is number 2 and learning something valuable is number 3. Ladies have their own groups however they are welcome to run with the boys! Some of the boys may have their ego bruised by the faster girls! 2 drivers can share one car. Both drivers have to pay a full entry fee and change numbers displayed when they change drivers. The 2 drivers cannot ride together unless one is an ERSCC instructor. See Carl, the club president, for instructor status. NO PRACTICE LAPS! But we do have ride along instructors for any driver who wants one. You may ride along with an instructor in the instructor’s car. No friends or family riding together (insurance requirement). We do our best to teach anyone how to negotiate the skills course in a quick and safe manner to maximize fun!


ERSCC Requirements: You car must have a seatbelt and you must wear a Snell approved helmet (We have loaners, see timing table). Your car must be in good mechanical condition and pass a short tech inspection before the event starts. You must have a valid drivers license (no loaners). You must sign the waiver (so say the lawyers) and wear a brightly colored wristband (Included with each entry at no extra charge!). Friends and family are welcome to come and watch but everyone must sign a waiver and sport a wristband. You must wear closed toe shoes (insurance requirement). Dave Lehman says pants are optional. You do have to display your car number in contrasting color on both sides of the car. 1” Blue Painters tape is usually OK as long as you do not have a blue or dark color car the get a roll of white tape.. Magnetic numbers are a lot more professional and will intimidate your competitors – unless you have a Corvette and they will not stick. Take out the floor mats, spare tire and all of the old french fries under the seat. You do not want anything rolling around under your feet when you stomp on the brakes. Tires must be in good condition with no cord or defects showing. Battery must be secure. NO BUNGEE CORDS! Loose batteries start fires and torched cars make a mess of the course!


Bring food, non alcoholic beverages, sunscreen, a chair, and shade. Wear comfortable walking shoes and light colored comfortable clothing. Shorts are OK. Bring an umbrella or a rain suit. Driving in the rain is fun! Working in the rain is not as much fun as driving but builds character.