Equipe Rapide News : Two tracks at St. Lucie Fairgrounds
Posted by Carl C on 2017/8/18 15:02:22 (0 reads)

We have made a new deal with St. Lucie Fairgrounds. Our next event will be September 24th at the Fairgrounds.

Registration is opening soon.

We will be using the main parking lots again as the "main" event. BUT, we are adding the oval as a test track... Now, before you go nuts thinking your running an Oval, no, we are not Nascar... There will be cones on the Oval with one way onto the Oval and one way off the Oval, just like an autocross. There will be cones and timing, but it's for run and practice. Want to test/tune your car, here's the best chance. The Oval will be self policed, meaning you pick your cones yourself after hitting them...

Remember, we have the Florida state championship at St. Lucie Fairgounds November 11 and 12th. Saturday is a practice using the main parking lots and the Oval. Sunday is the main event [and Oval is available for test/tune].

Also, we have picked up BBT again for Nov 26th and Dec 10th.

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